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Authoritative Translation Services

by Native Speaking Linguists

for Business and Professional Organizations

Phone: (866) 545-7038

To request translation quote email files to:


In Las Vegas, Affinity Spanish provides expert English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translation of all types of written material. Translation accuracy, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing are among the main criteria by which each Affinity Spanish translation project is measured.


Affinity Spanish Standard

English <> Spanish Translation Process

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L1. Review and Preparation: Source material is reviewed to identify any special terminology; research is conducted and glossaries are created as needed.

L2. Initial Translation: Translation from the source to target language is conducted.

L3. Editing and Review: Text is reviewed and edited following initial translation.

L4. Final Proofing: A final proofreading is done to ensure the highest quality translation.

L5. Delivery and Approval: Translated text is provided to the client for approval.

Click to view a 1 minute video overview of our translation process.

Translation Accuracy

Translation accuracy is critical to the success of every project no matter the size. All projects undergo initial translation followed by editing review(s) to ensure the highest quality (see translation process description below).

Affinity Spanish translators rank among the most skilled and experienced native linguists in the translation and localization industiries. Despite some advancements in automated translation technologies, native human translators remain the best approach for producing high quality translations.

Translation Pricing

Translation pricing is based on a per word rate determined by factoring in multiple project specific criteria including: 1) the nature (relative complexity) of the source material, 2) the scope of the project (measured in word-count), and 3) turnaround time (i.e., rush vs. standard turnaround time).

Translation Process Schedule/Turnaround Time

We recognize that translation project schedules can be critical considerations. Actual project durations vary depending on the scope and complexity of each project. We work closely with our clients to determine project schedules that allow sufficient time for high quality translation processes and project delivery in a timely manner.

Request a Quote

Affinity Spanish staff members are available to discuss your Spanish translation project and provide an approximate per word rate by telephone. To obtain a written fixed price quote for translation projects we request that clients email their document(s) for review. Please email text documents (ideally in MS Word format) to to obtain a firm fixed-price quote and estimate on turnaround time.

Contact Affinity Spanish

Whether in Spanish or English, using the right words at the right time matters to us. In Las Vegas, call us now toll-free at (866) 545-7038 or send us a note at





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